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Letter From the Editor
Joelle Beauchamp

Photographed by Maddison Hill of Joelle Beauchamp

Solitude has always brought me a strange sense of comfort 


Since a child, I was praised for being independent in a busy household 


For being able to be alone, free from the constant tether of reliance 


I often feel more comfortable alone than I do with others 


& only accept those into my life that are sweeter than solitude 


Always shied away from crowds, big friend groups, a life full of people constantly 


More comfortable embracing solitude than stepping into scenes where my words may fumble, where I must exist in the uncertainty 


Yet, there comes a time to realize that the fierce independence I hold in such high regard may not be the ideal path 


But instead creates a cloak of isolation, a life devoid of love, of the sweet satisfaction of connection 


This realization must result in the dissolution of this profound independence 


To embrace the uncertainty 


To understand that in this life, my deeds, words and steps are a mere murmur among the noise 


& to realize that an existence enriched by others can indeed be sweeter than solitude.  

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