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Letter From the Editor
Joelle Beauchamp

Photographed by Maddison Hill of Joelle Beauchamp

In this life, I feel that we often get too caught up 

In the pressure to achieve, to reach the top of our field, our class, our industry


To churn out the most desirable work in the least amount of time 

Our society is driven by an overwhelming masculine power, telling us to always be working, achieving, and pushing ourselves to the breaking point to reach societies standards of success


Sometimes, it is important to listen to the divine feminine voice within ourselves 

This voice, which is often difficult to uncover against its opposition 

The underlying soft, comforting, and gentle energy that intends to be, rather than do 

To slow down, to acknowledge the point we are at, to appreciate ourselves and the work we have done thus far 

It has been a great joy to have had the opportunity to work with so many inspiring creatives on the daily, but this patriarchal mentality is something I often see infecting the creative process 

This process must allow for time to sit, to plan, and sometimes, to wait until inspiration strikes.


Creativity is not something that can be wrung out to fit the constraints of a deadline 

Creatives are not cash cows, filled with ideas, waiting to be capitalized upon 

Therefore, I ask of all creatives, to take a step back, reflect on where you are, and take on your next challenge as the universe supplies you with the creativity to do so, confidently. 

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