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Americana Del Rey
Photographed by Jack Turpen
Styled by Jack Turpe
n / Lauren Fulk / Riley Fernandez
Hair and Makeup by Lauryn Elgert

Garden Barbie
Photographed by Sophia Oster of Arianna Line, Kristina Wise, Emily Gonzalez, and Kennedy Bolda
Styled by Joelle Beauchamp / Jack Turpen
Directed by: China Hill

Photography Assist: Auset Pope

Beach Barbie
Photographed by Joelle Beauchamp of Chimazu Ndukwe, Brady Pitcher, Elijah Lewis, Morgan Boosamra, Skyllar Seccia, Charles Karbowski, and Valentine Leon
Styled by Jack Turpen / Joelle Beauchamp / Emily Stabile
Directed by Joelle Beauchamp
Hair and Makeup by Morgan Boosamra