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What to Expect from your Zodiac in 2023

What to Expect from your Zodiac in 2023

Photographed by Quinn McCaffrey of Brynn Beauchamp, Joelle Beauchamp and Ashlin Schnell

By Kailyn Walsh

ARIES March 21–April 19
If your sun sign is an Aries, you can expect hard times to test you in the upcoming new year, but that is not something unfamiliar to these fiercely motivated and strongly-opinionated individuals. Prepare to grapple with emotional and physical ups and downs. Remember to focus on the aspects of your life that highlight the good even when you’re lost in the dark.

TAURUS April 20–May 20
If your sun sign is a Taurus, you can expect to make some significant changes in your daily life—for the better. You will be forced to make conflicting decisions that do not feel good at the time, but are working to benefit you later on in the year. Trust your instincts and the planets to guide you in the right direction.

GEMINI May 21–June 21
If your sun sign is a Gemini, you can expect to tone down your dual nature in the new year. You will be forced to confront conflicts head-on, and it’s important to be present and attentive when listening to others’ instead of reacting and replying. Remember that despite being pulled in different directions internally, there is only one of you externally, so make that version the best you can be in 2023 by remaining true to your instincts.

CANCER June 22–July 22
If your sun sign is a Cancer, you can expect your emotions to continue to overflow into your daily life, but in a positive way! This year is all about embracing your emotions to the fullest extent and using them to navigate your life in the most efficient way possible. Take the time to journal your thoughts and feelings and reflect on them nightly, see how much brighter your mornings become.

LEO July 23–August 22
If your sun sign is a Leo you can expect to continue being the star of the show in the new year. Your dying thirst to be the best and have the best will not falter this year, instead it will push you beyond your limits and land you in a position that is far better than what you originally dreamed of.

VIRGO August 23–September 22
If your sun sign is a Virgo you can expect to be stressed in the new year, but that is only if you continue trying to control every aspect of your life and subsequently other people’s lives around you. The need to control comes with the need to know, so avoid jumping to conclusions and let things unfold organically in 2023, otherwise continue to pay the price in the years to come.

LIBRA September 23–October 23
If your sun sign is a Libra you can expect the new year to test your ability to balance your head, your heart, and your health overall. For some parts of the year, you can expect to find yourself relying on others for extra support or guidance, and allow this to happen instead of judging it. You’re very much your own person with your own goals you are determined to achieve, but everyone needs a helping hand at times. Don’t bite it.

SCORPIO October 24–November 21
If your sun sign is a Scorpio you can expect certain areas of your life to change drastically in the new year. Whether it’s for better or for worse might seem unclear in the first half of the year, but by the second half you will have the clearest vision to date about what (and who) is best for you and deserves the most of your sacred energy.

SAGITTARIUS November 22–December 21
If your sun sign is a Sagittarius you can expect to have one of the best years to date! 2023 is a time of exploration and understanding in oneself and the planets are aligning for you, Sag. Lots of new opportunities are headed your way in these upcoming months so be sure to receive everything that comes your way with an open mind and an open heart. Don’t become too lost in the gratification, though, as some unexpected twists also tend to lurk behind good news.

CAPRICORN December 22–January 19
If your sun sign is a Capricorn you can expect to make some changes in the way that you express yourself if you want to see positive changes in your life. It’s important to manage every area in your life with the same level of judgment and mindfulness, as this will make the hurdles that come on later in the year much easier for you to jump and land safely.

AQUARIUS January 20–February 18
If your sun sign is an Aquarius you can expect to have a year dedicated to your own personal growth, whether you are ready for it or not. Continue to put all your efforts in what you feel are the right places and watch yourself prosper as a result. This year is your opportunity to fix everything that feels off-track to you, and do so by always showing situations your impeccable side first. However, refrain from entering anything with a selfish mindset, otherwise it will be difficult to stay on track.

PISCES February 19–March 20
If your sun sign is a Pisces you can expect to stick to something strictly in the upcoming year! Whether that be working out, picking up a new hobby, or dedicating more time to school or work, 2023 is all about honing a Pisces’ skills to perfection. The easiest way to make yourself happy in the new year is by dedicating yourself to something you’re passionate about all year long, then watch the magic happen!

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