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What Hardships Await Your Astronomy Sign This New Year

What Hardships Await Your Astronomy Sign This New Year

Photographed by Mary Germilhac of Cheveney Koski, Skylar Medes, and Emily Gonzalez
Styled by Marisa Fisher & Charlize Wright
Directed by Olivia Schotthoefer
Hair and Makeup by Oyunbileg Baljinnyam
Hair and Makeup Assist: Abigail Goodman
Photography Assist: Jordyn Damato

Arians will find themselves rushing through things too quickly this year. You are known to handle challenges quickly and determined to check things off your to-do list, but you will find yourself rushing through more than just everyday tasks. Regardless of whether it be a cherished moment, interaction, or life event, problems may arise. Be ready to tackle the negative feelings that arise at these times, otherwise they will threaten the moments that you look forward to most. This may also create conflict in your relationships as well. As an Aries, you are quick-witted and fast-paced, but you may find yourself wanting to turn back some of that time.

As a Taurus, this year you will find yourself in your own way a lot. It is natural for you to strive for order and peace, but this may lead to you overstraining yourself and inevitably creating more of the distress you seek to eliminate. Those around you may find comfort in your loyalty and reliability, though your stubborn nature may propose issues in your own life and your relationships. Although your intentions are pure, try to avoid grasping for control over something you may have no control over.

As a Gemini, you are adaptable to many things and strive to please others, but you will find yourself falling under the wrong kind of influence this coming year. Since you are both generous and versatile, people will use it for manipulative reasons, and your tendency to believe the best of people may blind you to their true intentions. Even worse, it can be hard to realize when it is coming from those in your immediate vicinity. It could be anyone from colleagues or higher-ups to friends or acquaintances. Geminians are lively communicators, which is a positive life trait until you find yourself talking with people who have selfish intentions.

Cancerians will encounter issues due to keeping up walls this year. As a Cancer, you are sincerely loving and empathetic but guarded around those you first encounter. Due to your protective nature, you will find it hard to let people into your life because of a hurtful past. This will make it hard for new potential relationships to make their way into your life. Cancerians are passionate but may find themselves missing out on new connections due to a reluctance to let them in.

Leos will find themselves struggling with drastic changes this new year. You tend to be open to new things and are broad-minded, but you will find yourself unprepared to face these challenges coming your way. This may affect your mood and could overall cloud your personality. Leos are warm-hearted but can take stressors in their life to heart. As a Leo, you are very loving and exhibit bright energy, but these difficult changes may enhance unforeseen tension in your life.

This year, as a Virgo, you may find yourself stuck in your own head. Though your intentions are to perform the best you can, you may become overly fixated on the idea of perfection. While people know they can depend on you because of this quality, it may be difficult for others to show they care for you. As a Virgo, you may be hard on yourself, which can translate to others finding it hard to be let in.

As a Libra, this year you may be faced with relationship obstacles. Though it is in your nature to want to avoid conflict at all costs, it may be out of your control when issues arise. While this may be uncomfortable for you, your practical nature will maturely guide you through these problems. Your integrity will drive you to reach a resolution in these relationships.

As a Scorpio, you uniquely have the ability to aim your goals almost unrealistically high for yourself. This can cause you to pour too much focus and effort into yourself, neglecting important relationships. While the vulnerability of close relationships may frighten you, these relationships will not weaken you or inhibit your ability to reach your goals.

Sagittarians will meet with problems from unfinished projects during this year. As a Sagittarius, you are looking for excitement and the best possible option, and in doing so, will shut out the urge to follow through with things. You have a restless tendency to try the next thing and may even have multiple tasks taken on. However, you will fret to finish them. Sagittarians are explorative and seek fun but may encounter problems that will arise when they don’t follow through on these tasks or projects.

As a Capricorn, you may experience letdown as you strive to reach your goals. As someone who is disciplined and hardworking, it is natural for you to always want to strive to reach your goals. Despite your best attempts, there are times when the outcomes of your goals may be out of your control. As someone who is critical of themselves, this may be seen as a personal failure, yet your determined attitude will allow you to keep working towards your goals.

As an Aquarius, you may struggle to find the space you need this new year. People will continue to step over your personal boundaries. However, due to your friendly and humanitarian nature, you won’t know how to tell them. You may feel that by backing away, you’re letting those close to you down. This may be with friends, family, colleagues, or even partners. Aquarians have a strong sense of independence, and because of that, you may find these overstepping connections hard to get past.

As a Pisces, you may hit a block, whether in your creative endeavors or a relationship. It is in your nature to worry about the state of your relationships, which may cause you to exert more effort into them than you are receiving back. You may feel pouring as much love and compassion into these relationships will be the solution, though this can leave you in a vulnerable position. It will be important for you to maintain your creative outputs.

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