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Song Book Show of the Summer

Song Book Show of the Summer

By Joelle Beauchamp and Sofia Randazzo


Over the summer of 2022, we saw a surge in popularity of romance novel writer Colleen Hoover. Hoover’s books took over the younger generations and held them at a standstill, many readers sitting to read and not being able to stop, tantalized by the complicated love between Tate and Miles in her novel Ugly Love. Colleen Hoover is an incredible author and includes so many vivid details that paint a scene in one’s mind and fully captivate the reader with the romance and lust in her books. As well as Colleen Hoover, our readers have been enjoying Emily Henry’s books, another popular romance novel author. Henry’s name became popular after releasing People We Meet on Vacation and Book Lovers.
Spicy romance is the newest craze. Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas is the perfect mixture of sweet and spicy. This hard-to-put-down book is a multilayered love story that plays with one’s emotions; a story that is beautifully complicated yet pulse-pounding. Penelope Douglas is a bestselling author that is known for her lustful romance novels. She has also written Punk 57 (a personal favorite), Bully, Until You, and so many more popular books that everyone seems to adore.


If you’ve gone anywhere this summer, you’ve probably heard the song Bad Habit by the incredibly talented Steve Lacy. This song is a feature on Lacy’s newest album Gemini Rights, dropped in July of 2022. This album is nowhere near a one-hit wonder, every song on the album shows the versatility of Lacy’s abilities in songwriting and singing. A personal favorite album is Helmet, and Lacy’s older albums are also highly recommended by our listeners.
It’s “About Damn Time” someone comes out with a catchy, upbeat song for the summer! Lizzo released this song in April of this year, and it boomed in popularity. Being her #1 biggest hit, it has surpassed her 2019 big hit “Truth Hurts”. This new song is a great mix of disco and fun summer pop. The song also blew up on TikTok when a creator named Jaeden Gomez created a choreography everyone seemed to enjoy and follow along.
Jack Harlow is known by millions of fans across the world. People went crazy over his newest album “Come Home the Kids Miss You” that came out in May of 2022. Many of his songs on that album went viral across the globe like “Nail Tech” and “Dua Lipa”, but one that got tons of attention is called “First Class.” The song itself debuted at the top 100 chart, making it the biggest solo of Harlow’s career. The song samples Fergie’s 2009 song, “Glamorous” which was one of the biggest hits in the 2000’s. Y2k is the new hot trend, so why not bring back the music as well?


Stranger Things fans were anxiously awaiting the release of Season 4, as well as the surprise bonus Volume 2, and it was nothing short of amazing. The new season came with new thrills, adventures, and budding relationships, with the same horror and mystery that made the show as popular as it is. We were forced to say goodbye to some of the best characters and are impatiently awaiting the fate of the others.

A new series recently came out this summer and it has nothing but great reviews. The Summer I Turned Pretty was released this past June and it was based off the book that was written in 2009 by Jenny Han. This stellar young adult romance follows a teenage girl named Isabel who spends her summers at Cousins Beach with her mother, brother, along with her mother's best friend and two sons. She is having a tough time with which brother she has feelings for, but she seems she has feelings for both. The Summer I Turned Pretty brings together the excitement of summer love and the conflicts of being a teenager. This binge-worthy drama will constantly keep you on your toes, making you eager for the rest of the trilogy to be released, this story is only the beginning. This coming-of-age series shows a merge from youth to adulthood, illustrating the progression from child to adult through experiences Isabel and the brothers go through during their lifetime.

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