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Romanticizing Your Life

Romanticizing Your Life

By Brady Pitcher

In the whirlwind of our fast-paced lives, it’s easy to forget the beauty that surrounds us every day. Take a second, pause, and take a deep breath. Enjoy the moment you are living in now. Maybe you are at your favorite coffee shop, savoring the aroma of your cherished brew. You might be curled up at home, indulging in the pages of this very magazine. Wherever you are, it might be hard to not overlook the small enjoyable things in life that we might not be savoring even though these special little moments are happening this very second. It’s times like these when romanticizing your life can serve a purpose.

I’m sure we have all seen the trends on social media of influencers showing us their aesthetic daily routines in which they encourage us to “romanticize our life.” While it seems impossible to live this Pinterest-worthy life these influencers show us, the heart of their message holds true. A popular TikTok sound lately has been the main-character-esque statement that “life moves pretty fast, and if you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it” from the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off has been gaining popularity for the sweet sentiment it carries. As we keep moving forward and taking on the next task given to us, it might be hard to remember to enjoy this life and remember your purpose.

When you find yourself having a hard time repeating the same mundane daily tasks or overwhelming yourself with tons of projects, it’s important to take a step back and embrace the simple joys that make life truly special. We often lose sight of our purpose and what we aspire to be, but in reality, our purpose is to live and live life to the fullest. As humans, we are privileged to be living our lives and living them with the people we treasure the most in this world. Having daily intentions and creating a life that feels like a love story makes one's life full and helps not to look back on the past and regret the things that we did or did not do. Romanticizing your life is truly about infusing passion, appreciation, and intention into your daily lives no matter how big or small the day might be. It’s about creating a life that feels unique to you. In this pursuit, you might find that every moment, no matter how big or small, becomes an opportunity for joy and intention.

Fully embracing the art of romanticization can be as simple as sipping on your coffee slowly and savoring the rich flavors surrounded by the warmth and solitude of a coffee shop. It is about infusing an ounce of intention into our daily rituals – turning routine tasks into mindful movements. Take a leisurely stroll and let the world unfold around you, notice the beauty in the details often overlooked. Create small, personalized rituals, like lighting a scented candle during quiet evenings or making the time to engage in your passions or hobbies. By cultivating gratitude, savoring the present and weaving meaningful moments into the fabric of your day, this can effortlessly add a touch of romance to our life, making it an extraordinary journey of love and connection. It is a small life we live and enjoying every second we have with our family, our friends, and most importantly ourselves is the most important thing we could ever do in this lifetime.

So, the next time you feel as though the mundane is getting overwhelming, remember, take a second, pause, take a deep breath, and enjoy the moment you are living in now.

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