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Print Media is NOT Dead

Print Media is NOT Dead

Photographed by Quinn McCaffrey of Isabella Telgenhof, Izzy Demers, Ella Lawyer and Cassidy Marshall

By Carmella Contesti

Print magazines have some sort of magic. There is something about the touch of your fingertips on each page that holds so much power. The power to connect to sentimentality and the capability to transport you to another world. Magazines and the exclusive world of fashion provide a form of escapism. There is a reason why Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar continue to remain at the top of the industry. With the rise of technology and e-magazines, why haven’t the leaders of the industry turned completely remote?

You have probably heard many times that digital media has swept our lives. It is true.
The way we transmit and receive information has changed forever. Most of us have access to information directly at our fingertips. We can download the New York Times app on our phones and instantly check what is going on in the world. Or we can pull out our laptop and, in a few clicks, have Vogue’s fashion trends on display. With constant gratification and information overload, there is one question that has been blasted in the media. Is print media dead?

Many people have wondered if the end of print is near. The truth is, print magazines are going strong. What many people should know is that reading printed material is in fact good for you. It cuts your screen time and allows you to fully invest in something. It is much more enjoyable when you can read a magazine instead of zooming in on a screen where the text is too small. Reading on your phone can cause headaches and eye strain. You do not have to charge print magazines, annoying and questionable advertisements will not pop up on the page while you are reading, and you will not get distracted by the person who liked your Instagram post. With a print magazine, you reduce stress and get engulfed by attractive glossy pages. It often feels as if it is just, you and the magazine.

It is safe to say that the internet has revolutionized advertising. We are constantly smothered with advertisements. Whether you are online shopping or doing research online, an advertisement is more than likely to pop up. The world of internet ads is a deep dark place. They are very aggressive and almost too accurate. Though some may argue that digital advertising helps cast a wider audience, we are tired of drowning in ads. Most Americans are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day. There is a point where we start ignoring advertisements unless it catches our personal interest. Often in print magazines, the advertisements are beautifully executed. It provides a way for businesses to connect with their most likely customers. The print is trustworthy and calming. There is something about holding a magazine in your hands that is so comforting.

When holding a physical copy of the magazine, you cannot see the hours of work that went into the final copy. You cannot see the process of writing and editing. And most of all, you cannot see the passion behind the people who made it. There are so many people who put in endless hours of demanding work to execute a fascinating magazine. From journalists to models to photographers and more, there are a lot of creative minds that collaborate to produce what ends up in your hand. Seeing your work on print is captivating. There may be some extremely late nights with little sleep but having that issue in your hand makes it all worth it.

One of the most key features of a magazine is the cover. An adage says, “there is no such thing as a good magazine with a bad cover.” This may be true; a well-designed cover will make you want to buy a magazine. The cover creates buzz, and a huge amount of people pick up a magazine based on the cover. The graphic design, model, photo quality, and creativity all become vital. Magazines are art and should be viewed as such. Print is sensory and does more than technology can.

Stop saying print is dead. The question that should be asked is: How do we keep print media alive? How are we going to reinvent print for the next generation? Printing is arguably more meaningful than ever. When you see a fashion magazine, buy it. And the next time you think print is dead, think again.

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