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Offbeat Obscurity

Offbeat Obscurity

Offbeat Obscarabity by Jack Turpen of Emma Adelman, Alison Brown, Ava Darbyshire, Marina Froehlich, Lauren Fulk, Kristen Pitschel, Skylar Seccia & Jayln Thomas
Styled by Jack Turpen and Isabella DeMers
Hair and Makeup by Cassidy Marshall

By Jack Turpen

My personal knack for fashion keeps rupturing in very peculiar ways. The way I view it has changed, the way
it makes me feel has shifted, and my awareness has subsided, slightly. Across all boards, I feel a shift in energy. Motivation fleets quickly as the sun becomes less visible. The surrounding areas become duller and the hues that lighten my mood are no longer present. Throughout the entirety of making this photo series, I remained confused. As I type these words, last minute, as we work to complete the issue, I maintain my confusion. But as I look back at my work, I can see where it relates to where fashion is now.

Grunge isn’t a word I love to use but its relevance is evident. I seek it more now that I’m always in bad
moods. For a face that reads angry, it is concerning to be in a negative state. I’m sure my everyday audience is taken aback, but if they know me it is to know my intention. Clothing now is darker, sleeker, dirtier, and messier. The way things are styled as of late are specific in a rushed feeling. Garments are overlapped in strange and messy ways. The way I’ve viewed grunge has shifted because of these new ideologies.

I feel this newfound angst for how things are being sold to me. In this current mental state, I wish to reduce
the way I consume media. But my coping mechanism is to engulf myself in distraction, rendering that goal hard to achieve. The way those images speak to me is in the obscurity. It’s shown in the way they have been dressed, which puzzles most including myself. There is no direct link to where in my brain these creations stemmed. It’s odd and offbeat, slightly askew. The words and imagery that flood my mind are represented. The objects, the hair colors, the snacks, the scenery. The money. My connection to fashion lives with me in low places in my life. It’s always represented somewhere in some new format. I can rely on it in that sense. To have something to look to that is consistently shaken is what soothes the unsettled feelings.

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