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By Cassidy Marshall and Joelle Beauchamp


This season has many unexpected twists and turns in store for you. November fifth in particular will be a whirlwind of a day for you, with lots of spiritual and emotional changes, so you should use the first four days of the month to set the tone for the month by setting yourself up to take on new challenges or opportunities before Saturn retrograde ends on the fourth of November. With the start of Sagittarius season, get ready to have fun and balance out the unexpected twists and turns that are coming with some much-needed self-care and social interaction.


As the moon enters Cancer on November first, this is the perfect time to indulge in all of your self-care needs. Keep in mind that self-care includes not bringing any undo stress upon yourself, so break your bad habits now and commit to your responsibilities so that you are best prepared for any unexpected changes. As Sagittarius season starts, lean into your creative ideas and ventures because this would be a great time for them to manifest into a reality.


Your relationships will take center stage this season, and with Venus entering Libra on November eighth, this is a good time to spark an emotional connection or to deepen your bonds in relationships. This will offer time for you to improve your communication and allow yourself to properly articulate your needs and wants with the people around you. Your social life demands attention, so during Sagittarius season, do not forget to reach out to your friends and schedule some time to relax and unwind together.


With the moon in Cancer on November first, your emotions will be at an all time high. During this time, listen to your heart and trust your instincts. Do not ignore your desires or dreams, because your emotional needs are bound to get in the way of your aspirations this season. Fortunately, luck and love are coming, so do not be afraid to take risks for what you want. Mercury will be in Libra in the beginning of November, so this is a good time to have heartfelt conversations as communication will come easier to you.


This could be a good time to expand your social circle. Embrace your extraverted side, try things you would not normally do, and make as many new friends as you can this season. With the moon in Leo on the fourth of November, it is your time to shine, and your magnetizing energy will be noticed during this time - just do not let it get the best of you!


Embrace the lighter side of things this season and try to stay on the bright side as best as you can,. You are the life of the party, but your ego can conflict with the genuine personality that you have to offer. Stay humble and uplift others around you, as this is a great time for self-improvement and growth.With the moon in Leo on the fourth of November, be sure that you are clearly communicating with others and address any issues with care and empathy.


Expect a turn of the tides on November 11th. This season you need to embrace as much harmony and balance as you can get in your life, because there are obstacles on the path ahead. With the moon in Cancer at the beginning of the month, embrace your sensual side, and be sure to take the time to improve your surroundings so that you are living and working in a space that alleviates stress and allows for optimal creativity.


It is finally your season - happy YOU season! Use this time to take advantage of your own power and apply yourself to something you have been challenged by in the past. Allow this month to be transformational for you in all aspects of your life; the first step to this transformation may be to work on your emotional healing and allowing your emotions to come to the surface and dealing with them accordingly. But do not forget to celebrate yourself and all of the wonderful accomplishments you have made so far.


Lean into your adventurous side and do not be afraid to take on new challenges or explore new interests. Big or small, anything you can do to indulge your creative side will be beneficial to your emotional wellbeing this season. As we enter Sagittarius season, remember to let yourself have fun! Continue pushing forward, but do not forget to reflect on how far you have come and all the achievements in your life that have brought you where you are today.


Trust your gut feelings this season and watch your back for people with negative intentions towards you. The month of November will be great for achieving your goals, so make sure to keep your eye on the prize and not let emotional catastrophes get in the way of your achievements. Do not let your intense desire to achieve get in the way of your mental and emotional health; with the moon in Cancer, set some time aside for self-care and reflection.


A burst of creative energy is in the cards; your social energy is on the up and your interactions will be particularly meaningful this season. This is a great time for collaboration, especially at work, and your financial luck is better than ever, so make that investment that you have been pondering over. Or maybe just treat yourself to that perfect fall fashion find you have been eyeing, you deserve it!


This is not the season to slack off. Big changes are coming and if you are not prepared, they could have drastic setbacks on your goals and dreams. You have made solid achievements in the recent past, but your emotional and creative state of mind is very tentative right now, so you need to work harder than ever to secure your future and stability. Take every opportunity presented to you and rise above expectations so that you stand out from the crowd and nourish your spiritual growth.

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