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“Climate” by Maddi Hill of Melanie Do & Emily Stabile / Styled by Skylar Medes / Graphic Design by Jaiden Cregger

By Cassidy Marshall

In the face of escalating climate crisis, leftist groups across the globe are mobilizing to mitigate its impacts. Among these, communist organizations have emerged at the forefront of this mission as the brutally influential players needed in the fight against environmental degradation. Contrary to conventional perceptions, communist groups are leading the charge in efforts to mediate climate disasters, advocating for systemic changes, and offering pragmatic solutions. Historically, communist ideologies have often been associated with industrialization and disregard for environmental concerns. This is vast, and grossly incorrect, point of misinformation that is propagandized against leftist communities in an attempt to place the blame for environmental disaster upon their shoulders when, in fact, those pointing the finger at communists are most often to blame. Contemporary communist groups are challenging this perception by integrating environmentalism into their core principles even stronger than ever, building upon the strong historic ties between leftism and environmentalism. Recognizing the inherent connection between capitalism, resource exploitation, and environmental degradation, these groups advocate for a paradigm shift towards sustainable and equitable modes of production and consumption.

Communist organizations are actively involved in grassroots activism, organizing protests, and campaigns to raise awareness about climate change. From mobilizing communities against environmentally destructive projects to advocating for renewable energy initiatives, leftists are at the forefront of environmental movements worldwide. Their advocacy extends beyond traditional environmental concerns, addressing socio-economic injustices exacerbated by climate change, such as displacement and resource inequality. But beyond grassroots activism, communist groups engage in policy advocacy and governance to enact systemic changes. In countries where communist parties hold political power, such as China and Cuba, initiatives to combat climate change are integrated into national development plans. These include investments in renewable energy, reforestation efforts, and stringent environmental regulations. Communist-led governments prioritize environmental sustainability alongside economic growth, emphasizing the need for a holistic approach to development.

Communist organizations have long emphasized the need for international solidarity in addressing the global climate crisis. Through alliances, collaborations, demonstrations, and protests, they exchange knowledge, resources, and strategies for environmental mediation. International communist networks facilitate solidarity campaigns, joint protests, and advocacy initiatives aimed at holding corporations and governments accountable for their environmental policies and practices.

The ties between environmentalism and leftism are deep, inherent, and historic. The reason that many governments, in particularly America’s, have so long persecuted leftists can be summed up quite simply: if you do not want to take blame for something, shift the blame to somebody else. It is not the government poisoning our air, it is those god damn commies! But I ask of you this – to those ‘red-blooded’ Americans out there who would rather watch the planet die than question the government’s responsibility in the matter, what is more red-blooded than being willing to shed your own red blood for the sake of the planet our country inhabits? Is there anything more human than sacrifice in the name of the greater good? Is there anything more human than community?

Environmentalism was born of the desire to leave our planet better than it was when we came. It was born of a level of selflessness that can only be embraced by those willing to unabashedly embrace – and sacrifice for – the greater good of the community around them. Communist groups are actively engaged not only in efforts to mediate the impacts of climate change, they are the forefathers of environmental activism, and have been steadfast in their advocation for systemic changes and mobilizing communities worldwide. Despite facing challenges and criticisms, their integration of environmentalism into communist ideologies represents an unignorable effort and forces all of us to rethink our historic and current efforts towards the environment.

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