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The Sephora Scaries: Unraveling the Phenomenon of Younger Kid’s Disruption in Skincare

The Sephora Scaries: Unraveling the Phenomenon of Younger Kid’s Disruption in Skincare

By: Brady Pitcher

Ah adolescence, a time of middle school, first relationships, and worst of all, puberty and acne. I’m sure we can all recall the days of early teenage years when we noticed our skin become a battleground between oils glands and hormones. But, no matter how much we used our mom’s orange Clean & Clear Face Wash, it was never enough to get clear skin. Luckily, with more research and the help of social media, the skincare community has grown exponentially over the years. These days it seems like everyone, and their mother has a skincare routine. While it is a universally good thing that people feel the need to take care of their skin at all walks of life, a new trend and complaint going around the industry has been setting age standards for all skincare products.

Recently, a wave of Sephora employees have taken to social media to complain about younger kids (7-14 years of age) coming into stores wreaking havoc on everyone and everything. In recent videos, Sephora employees tell their stories of encounters with these adolescents describing how they come in and use all the samples, make messes, annoy employees and other shoppers, and buy a ridiculous amount of skincare products upwards of $70 a pop. Now while we can all agree as young teenagers, we were obsessed with beauty and improving our skin, this new wave of Sephora Scandals have taken it to another level.
With the rise of hyper-consumerism, this new wave of viral skincare products and expensive treatments has trickled down to the younger generations. For younger teens, it can be hard to remember that less is more. While focusing on skincare during the age of puberty and early adulthood can lead to healthier skin and confidence, it’s important to remember that adolescence is a time of change physically, emotionally, and mentally. Going through puberty is a right of passage so going through these hormonal changes is something everyone must go through.

As a society, we have become obsessed with anti-aging and having perfect skin when in reality, no one has perfect skin. The body is always going through change whether its puberty or aging. It’s a natural process that happens whether we like it or not. As we pick our skincare products, we must keep in mind that we want a healthy skin barrier that feels good on the inside as well as the outside. For the younger generation, it may be hard to see the point, but realizing this at any early age could lead to less stress later in life when it comes to beauty standards.

To our younger audience, we know it may not seem like it, but taking a step back from grown up skincare products and using the basic cleanser, moisturizer, and most importantly, sunscreen will get you the foundation of a healthy skin barrier which more products can be introduced to later on. Try to stay away from products containing exfoliants and retinol as these could irritate the skin and lead to more problems later in life. If you have skin concerns or more questions, seeking out a dermatology professional is your best bet.

While the trend of kids embracing skincare may seem like a fun exploration, it could lead to concealed risks beneath the surface. As the older generation and guardians, it is imperative to educate younger adolescence on starting a foundational skincare routine and the harms and influence that social media can have. Having a good foundational skincare routine consisting of a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen is all you need when starting your skincare journey at a younger age. By fostering open dialogue and prompting safe, age-appropriate skincare habits, we can safeguard the well-being of adolescents and Sephora workers alike

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