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Cosmetology Exposed

Cosmetology Exposed

By Kailyn Walsh

It is crucial to stay informed on problematic cosmetology brands to avoid hazardous ingredients and greenwashing. Every day a new product is pushed down our throats by the next biggest influencer, and many of us mindlessly buy it without thinking of the bigger picture.

Synthetic ingredients in the beauty industry can pollute water sources and damage wildlife. These synthetic ingredients can also cause harm to one’s skin from irritation. Although we would like to think that cosmetology has taken a cleaner, more sustainable route in the 21st century, many of these ingredients are just as bad as they used to be, if not worse. Unsustainable cosmetology brands rely on non-renewable resources, create plastic & air pollution, test on animals and use toxic ingredients. It seems that the worse it is for the environment, the cheaper it is and easier it is to access.

The majority of consumers purchase cosmetology products without awareness of the ingredients listed and the production process. It does not have to be difficult to stay informed and make sustainable purchases. Listed below are ingredients to avoid in your cosmetology products to ensure you are taking care of the skin and the Earth.

Ingredients to avoid in cosmetology products:   
-DEA & its related chemicals (toxicity)
-Formaldehyde releasing preservatives (skin irritation)
-Parabens (harm fertility)
-Parfum (skin rashes)
-Petroleum (toxicity)
-Siloxanes (toxicity)
-Sodium laureth sulphate (eye damage)

Some Unethical Cosmetology brands to avoid: 
-Dior & Guerlain
-Estée Lauder
-M.A.C Cosmetics
-Rimmel London

The listed brands participate in one of more of the following:
They use toxic chemical ingredients, animal testing, practice unethical procedures, or unsustainable packaging and resources.  

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