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Winter Fashion Guide

Photographed by Joelle Beauchamp of Raina Abbott, Layla Castro, and Eneni Algoa
Styled by Joelle Beauchamp
Directed by Caylyn Kojamanian
Hair and Makeup by Caylyn Kojamanian
Director Assist: Madison Nachtrieb
Photography Assist: Alayna Jones

By Joelle Beauchamp

Since I was young, I have always dreaded the winter. Possibly because I feel I am inept to the cold, possibly because my mother liked to torture me with the biggest, more egregious puffy jackets and full body snowsuits, which I loathed. As I get older, I have started to appreciate the cold weather, the flittering snowflakes and the sort of thrill that comes with it. Am I counting down the days until I can move to a warmer climate? Absolutely; but it makes me appreciate it more in a way.

I feel as though I look forward to layering my outfits, wrapping up in a big coat, and still considering my outfit to be fashionable all year, however, when the cold comes, I find myself stumped staring at my closet. Layering is key, yes, but how to stay on top of the changing trends, and pull your favorites from all year round into winter? Here are some easy trends, tips, and inspo for you to try out this winter season.


This happens to be the trend I was looking forward to the most this year. No matter what you are wearing, if you throw a big fur on top of it, you’re going to look classy and like you totally had your outfit figured out the night before. If you’re looking for fur, head to your local thrift or antique stores, as fur in general is a controversial topic, and finding fur secondhand is the most sustainable and cost-effective way to incorporate fur into your winter wardrobe. Real animal furs will run at higher prices, but faux fur offers the same look and warmth.


Red is undoubtably the color of this fall/winter season and is the perfect way to add a colorful pop to any outfit. Whether red bag, undershirt, headband, shoes, or tights, adding a touch of red will have you rocking the perfect fashion for this upcoming fall and winter. Starting with such a bold color and styling around it is the perfect way to get use of your favorite neutral pieces, while styling them in a way that is still exciting and new. Adding a bold color can also add the perfect bit of excitement to any outfit.


Accessorizing is the proven way to take an outfit from good to great. When shopping for your winter wardrobe, try to pick up small accessories such as legwarmers, scrunchy socks, headbands, glasses, hats, and scarves. These items offer more warmth to your outfit, making it fashionable and functional. Anytime I put an outfit together, for myself or others, I try to include at least 3 accessories to really pull it together. A scarf wrapped up in the balaclava style, legwarmers sticking out of tall boots, scrunched socks with flats or kitten heels, or little reading glasses to pay homage to Ms. Bella Hadid.


Have you ever wondered how the fashion influencers you see on your feed make outfits unique but cohesive? Juxtaposition. This refers to placing two unalike items together to create a contrasting effect. Jogging pants with bows in your hair, a moto jacket with ballet flats, or a band tee over a lace layered skirt. Pairing items from two separate aesthetics together can help to create a dimension in your outfits that will give you that Instagram-ready look.

Here are some tried and true outfit recipes to incorporate these fall fashion tips into your wardrobe:

loose denim + plain colored top + thick headband + ballet flats + fur coat + baguette bag

moto style leather jacket + mini skirt + scrunchy socks + ballet flats + slouchy oversized purse

oversized sweater + mini shorts + tall boots + legwarmers + briefcase style tote + tiny glasses

colored tights + kitten heel slingbacks + undershirt + fur coat, buttoned or zipped + 70s era sunglasses

leg warmers + tall boots + lace trim skirt + loose sweater + fur coat

nylon jogging pants + tight top + sneakers + thick headband + fur coat

oversized sweater + tights + kitten heels + mini shorts + blazer style jacket + slouchy oversized bag

black sheer tights + black mini shorts + tall boots + black top + fur coat

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