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What's in a Name - Blumarine

By Chase Owens

Blumarine is an Italian fashion brand based on the island of Capri, Italy, founded by designers Anna Molinari and Gianpaolo Tarabini. With every piece designed and crafted on the colorful coastline of the Mediterranean paradise that is Capri, Blumarine makes it their goal to include every woman on the road to empowerment, exuding femininity and seductive romanticism. Established in 1977, Molinari and her husband Tarabini embarked upon a journey founding not only Blumarine, but the sister brands connected to the name as well. Molinari was dubbed the “Queen of Roses” after a tattoo she has on her arm, which later led to the rose becoming the sigil of the fashion house. Blumarine recently was taken over by young designer Nicola Brognano, who has revived the brand with a new Y2K-inspired era, increasing brand popularity exponentially since his takeover in 2021 (Gordon, 2021).

Positioned just off the western coast of Italy, Capri rests in the turquoise waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. This setting is almost as important to the brand as their powerful message of feminism, becoming an identifying characteristic of Blumarine’s brand image. Blumarine’s iconic husband-wife duo were both natives to the island, being born and raised with a rich Italian heritage in the art of clothes making (Gordon, 2021). This deep resonation with Capri was what led the Queen of Roses and Tarabini to decide upon a name for their new fashion house when they broke onto the scene in 1977.

The name Blumarine comes from a composition from two of the founding couples’ greatest loves: the color blue and the ocean waters of Capri (Gordon, 2021). The couple found great inspiration in the two of these symbols as they were greatly connected to their homeland. The “Blu” half of the name is an on-the-nose representation, as blu is how the color is spelled in Italian, the native language on the island. The “marine” half of the name encompasses the couples’ love for the ocean while also blending in English language, which is commonly spoken among the Caprese. Blumarine is an aquatic name that calls back to the fashion house’s island origins, while also sounding contemporary and modern. Prepare to remember Blumarine’s name as they establish themselves as a leader in women empowerment with their recent resurgence, securing their place amongst the greats.

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