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Verge Vault Summer Trends

Model: Allison Miller and Claire Watson

By Brady Pitcher

During the summer, we asked our social media followers to post their favorite summer ensembles using the hashtag #vergevault. We then shared all of their photos to our Instagram account, @vergecmu. Allowing our followers to post their favorite garments gave our viewers a glimpse into the most popular summer trends.

Despite all the exciting designs we have seen this summer, a white tank top continues to be an essential summer item. This piece, which is both timeless and traditional, paired with your go to bottoms is an outfit that will never fail. The white tank has become extremely popular again as its versatility is unmatched. Claire Watson, a follower of ours, was seen this summer wearing an all-white monochromatic ensemble. As seen on our social media handles, the focal point of this outfit was the cut-off white tank top. Although this outfit is simplistic, it is perfect for the summer season. Everyone needs at least one white tank top in their closet. This piece has developed great popularity among fashionistas, with models, actors, and street style icons donning them with every type of bottom imaginable.

One of the options to pair your white tank top with is the always fashionable ‘jort’ When it came to shorts this summer, both men and women were seen rocking their jorts in all sorts of colors and styles. Jean shorts, also known as jorts, never really went out of style for women, but made a shocking return to menswear this summer. Everyone wants a pair of jorts now that designers from labels like Louis Vuitton and Gucci have resurrected the style once more on the runway. One of our followers, Brady Pitcher, can be seen wearing a pair of jorts, a stylish white tank top, and an oversized black top. The outfit is quite adaptable; the jorts give the ensemble a Y2K feel, but the jeans also give it a bit of a western touch. The black oversized shirt and white top both go well with the pants and give the outfit some interest.

Another trend we saw return this summer was the Y2K craze that first resurfaced earlier this year. This summer, numerous celebrities, like Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa, have been spotted rocking their mid-drifts and low-rise jeans, a necessity when achieving the perfect Y2K look. Our follower Allison Miller is pictured sporting her go-to low-waisted jeans, a cropped black tank top, and a black belt. This belt perfectly ties the look together as oversized statement belts were quite popular in the early 2000s. The style exudes a carefree, easygoing attitude that is ideal for the summer mood we all yearn for. Low-rise jeans are not the only thing coming back from the Y2K era this summer. We have seen bold and unique sunglasses all season long. When dressing to beat the summer heat, it can be hard to make your look not seem basic or boring. This is where accessorizing comes into play. Whether they be the classic Y2K wraparound sunglasses, have big or small lenses, this summer we learned that all you need is a pair of sunglasses to make any simple outfit stand out.

No outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes, and this summer many distinctive styles were worn. Like other years, Birkenstock sandals were trending, but this year their “Boston” or clog style made a comeback. Other popular shoe styles we saw trending this summer were Dr. Martens low top Derbys and loafers. A summer shoe trend no one saw coming was the return of cowboy boots. The traditionally practical shoe was seen in a less functional and more fashionable way this summer. Cowboy boots were popularized through jorts, sundresses, maxi and miniskirts, as well as many other staples. Wearing cowboy boots is the perfect way to make a simple outfit more exciting. Sydney Theiler demonstrated this when she combined many of these fashion trends to create an exciting summer ensemble. The white oversized shirt worn added a relaxed, casual, element to the outfit, while the jorts and cowboy boots effectively gave off a western vibe that everyone has been feeling this summer.

As you can see, this summer there were many new and exciting trends, as well as some old favorites making a comeback. We loved getting to see and feature your #vergevault posts this summer. Your outfits allowed us to continue research on other summer trends and see just how they correlated to what was trending this season in the fashion world.

Brady Pitcher Insta: @bradypitcher_
Allison Miller Insta: @aalliemiller
Claire Watson Insta: @claireisabellee
Sydney Theiler Insta: @sydneytheiler

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