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The Influence of Fashion on a Daily Basis

By Cassidy Shier

Do you ever stop to admire the world around you? How about the fashion around you? Fashion has a huge influence on our everyday lives. From the second you roll out of bed in the morning, until you go to sleep at night, fashion influences our day-to-day lives whether you realize it or not. Fashion is not just about the looks we see on the runway or on the red carpets, it is about how we incorporate it into who we are and what we stand for. For many people, clothes are just something you throw on to get ready for the day. For others, the clothes they wear depend on varied factors in their everyday lives. We may dress in a certain way based on social situations, our profession, and our daily activities.

Fashion plays multiple roles in our everyday lives. Clothes were originally made to protect us, and over time evolved to be a means of self-expression. Even today, clothing is worn to protect our bodies from harsh weather conditions, but nowadays, many people consider fashion and what is trending when picking out their daily attire. Certain clothes are designed to be worn during certain times of the year, depending on where you live. For example, someone who lives in Michigan will not wear shorts and a tank top in the winter, whereas someone living in Florida might. Even today some professions have required uniforms like firefighters and police officers to keep them safe, rather than looking fashionable.        

Most people have jobs, and jobs require you to dress a certain way depending on if it is a uniform or a dress code. Whether you work at a law firm and are required to wear a suit, a doctor's office and must wear scrubs, a retail store and get to dress more casually, or a school and wear more conservative clothing, fashion influences the way you dress for your job every day. Luckily when it comes to fashion there are ways to make outfits your own, even when there are rules you must follow. Try wearing bright colors, or even accessorize with lots of jewelry. Depending on the job you have, self-expression might not always be possible, opt for a quirky haircut or fun makeup in place of jewelry.       

Fashion reflects our identities and personalities as well as how we feel. You feel better about yourself when you wear something you deem stylish or comfortable. Consider your go-to attire as an illustration. How does it make you feel when you wear it? What if you wear it and receive compliments on it? You will notice when you wear something that makes you feel confident, you will feel happier throughout the day. It is important to remember to dress for yourself as well. Although many people are fashion followers and dress based on what they see on social media, keep in mind what other people wear will not always make you feel your best or the most like you. You could buy and wear every outfit you see on your favorite celebrity, and it might not make you feel quite as good as wearing clothes that fit your style. Some people prefer bright makeup and flashy colors. Others like to dress in muted hues so as not to stand out as much. Even certain trends that are in might not be your thing, and that is ok! Dress for yourself and you will always be on the right track.

 Not only is fashion about how we look and feel, but it is also a way to celebrate individuality and bring people together from all over the world. Recognizing individuality with fashion is so important. It is what tells the world who we are. Before you even introduce yourself to a stranger, if you dress based on your personality, they might already get an idea about you and who you are. That being said, fashion also shows whom we hope to become in the future. Fashion is not only impactful right here in your own hometown, but it affects people all over the globe too. From China or Egypt to France and Spain, each country has its own dress and style based on their cultures. That even applies here on campus. Students from various countries and cultures proudly wear attire that reflects their native countries. It allows us to encounter cultures other than our own and learn about them.

Fashion is also a way to relate to other people. It is in our human nature to want to be able to relate to someone out there. Fashion is one thing that makes that possible. When you see someone wearing something similar to your own personal style, it is an easy opportunity to strike up a conversation. Seeing people in clothes that differ from ours can help us get a better understanding of their background and where they come from. Even though you might have a distinctive style from someone else, being able to understand what their clothes say about them can bring people together.

Fashion can make life events more memorable. Everyone remembers what they wore to prom or to a wedding. From the color of your outfit to the shape of the garment, people tend to remember the minute details from the bigger moments in life. While these events are not necessarily part of everyday life, they are still life events everyone experiences at some point in time.

Our everyday lives are affected by fashion, even if you do not realize it. Every day we make a decision about what we put on our bodies. Pay attention next time you wear your favorite outfit and make note of how it makes you feel. Fashion seems like such a small thing but can have one of the biggest impacts on our lives.

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