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The Girl on the Go:
the Miu Miu Girl

"Embarking" by Maddison Hill of Charlie Wright
Styled by Jack Turpen

By Jack Turpen

Fashion revolves around an idea, a specific image of the customer in a specific setting. Designers everywhere take that idea of their ideal customer and build around it. One specific brand that has perfected this is Miu Miu. Founded and designed by Miuccia Prada, Miu Miu is a brand that is focused on designing for their ideal customer, the “Miu Miu girl”. They will build entire collections around placing this Miu Miu girl in different settings. They have done a take on the classic school girl, a corporate business woman, even a Miu Miu girl as a sailor. They are able to create entire fantasies surrounding the different lives that may be led by these Miu Miu girls.

One of their most recent Fall collections was based around the girl on the go, a corporate business woman in a rush to get to work. The entire collection was shown featuring models in layered skirts and blouses that told the story of the girl on the go. She is late for work, rushing out the door, and does not have time to fix her hair. As the models entered, each of them had a section of hair that looked as though they did not have time to fix it. This is easily one of my favorite collections for the year. The story read so clearly, I was able to pinpoint the exact location of the Miu Miu girl. This idea of designing around the girl on the go fascinated me. But, who is the girl on the go?

As I looked further into the designer brand, I started to formulate the exact message that they seem to deliver. Though it is easy for me to sit and observe as a man, I would like to think the purpose behind the brand is to empower. Their casting still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, as they are not known to include a diverse range of body types. Though they have been more apt to include gender expressions of a wide range, they are still needing improvement in the diversity of their casting. I will say, however, this previous collection looked a lot better in terms of including a much more diverse cast. The story behind this last collection is evident from the beginning to the end. The show was opened by Mia Goth, a popular actress who has recently been deemed as a Scream Queen. The collection proved to be very star-studded, but I feel that is aside from the overall message behind the collection.

I think the most genius thing about the collection is the way it was styled. Outfits featured lots of layering that was done in a messy way, leaving the viewer to read it in that sense. They felt as though they were very quickly thrown on. This helped sell the idea behind the business women, rushing to get to work on time. I was very captivated by this take, as I felt I could very easily read its purpose. But who is the ideal Miu Miu girl, or the girl on the go?

The way Miu Miu has defined it for us is a woman, or someone of any gender expression, who is independent. This is someone who earns their funds. They may be on their own, but they are strong. Independence can be a choice, and I think the girl on the go has gained it by choice. The girl on the go is an idea of someone who makes things happen for themselves. This idea resides within all, it's unlocked in different ways. The way that Miu Miu has presented this ideology is in a way that has yet to be shown. They highlight imperfections in a celebratory and chic way. The girl on the go is the girl with a mission. I hope to see more of this ideology within fashion, as I think the clientele that Miu Miu caters to can relate to such a vast audience. The girl on the go is an idea that can appeal to all, and I think Miu Miu knows it.

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