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Staying Fashionable on the Slopes

Photographed by Cassidy Palmateer of Brady Pitcher, Sophie Dehn and Ryan Backus

By Joelle Beauchamp

Winter in Michigan brings with it the dread of blizzards, whipping winds, and soggy gray snow built up on the sides of the roads. With this, however, it also brings the hope of the first beautiful snowfall, and the ever-beloved activity of hitting the slopes with your friends. Skiing and snowboarding are incredibly popular activities across the country when the temperatures drop, but- how do you make this activity fashionable, without breaking the bank?

When I was younger, I would dread skiing with my parents, because of the ultra-puffy coat they would always stick me in (which I loathed at the time, but now, the bigger the better). Fashion was always the first thing on my mind, but I could never figure out how to translate this to a warm skiing outfit. Well, now I have, so I bring you to, how to stay fashionable on the slopes.

Choose Your Vibe
There are so many options when it comes to winter sports attire, and there are a multitude of directions you can take your outfit. A 70’s inspired look with a color blocked jacket, like Brady Pitcher and Sophie Dehn, is always a good move. With this look, it is easy to piece together colorful pieces, while still looking cohesive. Ryan Backus opts for a comfortable, fashionable, and colorful look; a large sweatshirt with room for layering and colorful snow pants. One-piece snow suits are also another perfect and easy way to create a modern yet classic look on the slopes, with only needing to purchase one piece. These one-piece suits are customizable, opting for different colors choices, fur hoods, and whatever puffer-level you choose.

Color Coordination
It is easy to use the snow gear you have at home to create a cohesive look on the slopes. By sticking to a general color scheme, you can create the feeling as though you bought a matching snow suit, on purpose. Choose snow pants and jacket of one color, and opt for a second color for gloves, helmet or hat, and scarf or neck warmer. By simply playing with color, it is easy to create a cohesive winter look, that will keep you warm and fashionable.

All About the Details
There are easy ways to create a trendy look while enjoying your favorite winter sport. Putting one’s hair in double braids or bubble-braids is a great way to add some personality to your look, while keeping your hair free of tangles from the wind. A great pair of sunglasses or goggles can elevate your look as well. There are many styles of goggles available, but a simple pair of sunglasses can help to keep you fashionable, and keep your eyes protected.

Extra Tips
Not so related to fashion, but here are a few helpful tips not to forget before you hit the slopes! Sunscreen is a must while skiing or snowboarding. Snow is highly reflective, and reflects 90% of sunlight, so it is vital to protect your skin. A good, hydrating chapstick is an essential to have in the pocket of your snow pants. I opt for Aquaphor or CeraVe Healing Treatment, as you can use these to protect your lips, but also the rest of your face from wind-whip.

All in all, skiing and snowboarding is about the fun of the sport, not about what you look like while doing it, but making your sport fashion-focused as well can add to the experience.

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