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Pre Game Fashion

By Mya Jacobsen

It is tradition in many professional and colligate teams that players dress up before their game days. This is for a multitude of reasons. From intimidation of the other team, supporting their teams, and being the face of their organizations, professional players take this tradition very seriously. However, I believe it is more than just the team loyalty and professional look that pregame outfits stand for. Over the years the pregame fit became popular among all varieties of fashion. Half the time we see certain athletes only in their uniforms, or their team colors. The other half we see players in extravagant suits and beautiful dress coats. I believe that for these half of the players, they wear what shows their personal identity. They choose to wear clothing that is unique to themselves which builds their confidence before putting on the uniform every other one of their teammates also wears. From this love of fashion in their pregame wear several professional athletes have found a passion for clothing within their own personal styling.

One athlete in particular, Cam Newton, a professional American football quarterback for the Carolina Panthers, started his own personal brand. Newton spent his off seasons to focus on challenging himself creatively in fashion for instance, from recycling outfits to taking a more initiative to take fashion more seriously. Cam quoted “that is another initiative I am working on this offseason, to see how I can learn more, so when I am no longer able to play the game of football that has gotten me so far in life, I always wanna still be challenged with whatever I decide to do with pushing the creative lens.” Cam launched a clothing line “MADE by Cam Newton” through Belk. Cam Newton has a great sense of fashion and it truly shows in his game day fits. When looking through pictures of Cam’s game day outfits as well as other players in the NFL they portray a look that makes them look ready to take care of business which in their matter the business is the game, football players execute outfits that are unique to themselves and explore adaptability. Fashion is everywhere but in this particular instance dressing up for game days shows teamwork and professionalism, it demonstrates the player is ready for the game.

From men's hockey to women's basketball fashion and pre game fits are a gigantic hit. Pre game outfits are not just for football players as many professional teams dress up before their game. For instance Womans/Men's basketball pre game outfits create a look of street style wear, showing off designer hats, bags, and appealing basketball style shoes. Men's professional hockey on the other hand is all about the fancy suits and dressed up shoes, and for many a winter hat such as a beanie. An example of what a hockey player would wear is inserted to the right. Hockey players promote a classy respectful look while professional basketball and football players have a stylish look that represents their own identity and own respect to fashion. For example, some women and men wear Kobe Bryant shirts to pay respect to a very respectful player in the NBA. Fashion is all over the world promoting and enhancing many things, for this particular point of view it shows professionalism in the athlete world.

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