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March Madness
Courtside Fashion

Photographed by Quinn McCaffrey of Chevy Koski, Arianna Dicicco and Mya Grant
Styled by Carmella Contesti

By Carmella Contesti

While most sports fans go to basketball games to watch the game, some of us attend the game to look at the fits. The sidelines of basketball games have become the spotlight for the coolest, and most fashionable outfits. Forget the runway- we’re sitting front row during March Madness. Each game during the tournament is consistently dramatic and eventful. With the competitive nature of March Madness, sitting courtside, or close, can amplify your screen time and spotlight. This makes for a perfect time to showcase your personal style. There are many different approaches you can take when choosing a complete outfit. Dressing for a basketball game can seem quite tricky so here are some ideas to make your courtside appearance.

Dress like a fan

Jerseys, hats, shirts- it really doesn’t matter. If you have the team logo or colors, you can show pride for a team. Even if sports are not your thing, repping a team and being at the game can be fun. The energy from sports fans is enough to get anyone in a good mood. Dressing like a fan, whether you are truly a fan or not, is a great look. Fashion is huge in the sports industry as it builds a community for the team and fans. A simple combination of a jersey, trousers, and sneakers is a perfect outfit for a basketball game. You could also add a zip-up basketball jacket or bomber jacket as a great layering piece. Do not overthink it- having a good courtside fit can be as simple as supporting a team or player.


Basketball is the epicenter of streetwear. For those who love street style, this is the perfect place to showcase your fashion. Oversized hoodies, loose styles, and sneakers are all acceptable for your courtside look. A great aspect of street style is comfort. You will not have to worry about sitting uncomfortably in a stadium seat or constantly readjusting your outfit. Throw on a pair of cargos, a graphic tee, and a racer jacket, and call it a day. Or you could wear a sweat set with chunky sneakers. One of the most important tips for street fashion is to avoid the dirty Air Forces and turn to a clean pair of sneakers. Your shoes can be the most important part of any outfit. You do not want to be caught with dirty shoes, especially on the court. Some great sneakers right now are Jordan 1s, Adidas Gazelles, or New Balance 9060s. But the rule with sneakers is: if you like them, buy them. It’s your style and your wardrobe. Overall, on the court you can completely embrace your street style and get creative.


Heels make everyone feel like a boss. Just because you are at a sporting event does not mean you have to take off your heels or booties. If street and sportswear is not your thing, no worries. You can confidently go to a game in NBA glamour. A dress, embellished suit, maxi skirt, leather pants, high boots- the combinations are endless. A great cross between glam and streetwear is to throw on a bootie or heel with a sweat set or loose jean. This is a time to fully indulge in glam and add a powerful pop of color to your makeup. A bold lipstick creates a slam-dunk moment. Fashion designer and opera singer, Ramilla Lolly, wore a custom designed ball gown courtside at a Miami Heat game. The gown was made of 14 Heat jerseys, and she paired it with red knee-high boots. If she can wear a gown to an NBA game, so can you. Be original and showcase a small designer or art of your own.

Make a Statement

Basketball games can be a perfect place to make a statement. Whether you are courtside, or in the stands, you have a great chance of being on camera. This can be a place to use fashion as a voice. Protest style is a great way to stand for what you believe in. Throw on a statement t-shirt with jeans and a boot. Or you could change the outfit with a jacket, long skirt, and sneakers. Us fans are not the only ones to take part in protest style. Players such as Derrick Rose, Lebron James, and Kyrie Irving have worn shirts on the sidelines reading “I Can’t Breathe.”


Accessories are just as important as the outfit. They are the finishing touches that bring the ensemble together. Accessories can add personality to your look and express uniqueness. Sunglasses are a great accessory for your courtside look. Put them on during the game and instantly leave people wondering who you are. Sunglasses give you an understated swagger. Celebrities often wear sunglasses when the camera is on them. Anna Wintour has been spotted several times courtside at a New York Knicks game wearing her iconic shades. Other ways to spice up an outfit can be through small purses or satchels, headbands, and hats. A statement bucket hat or trucker hat is a great way to stand out in the crowd.

There are so many ways to elevate your courtside fit. Whether you chose to elevate, or go casual, sports games can be a great time to show your personal style and flare. Taking some of these tips will help you look like a celebrity next game. The outfit opportunities are endless. Take inspiration from these tips, mix and max, and express your unique style.

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