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High Fashion Halloween

Photographed by Jordyn Damato of Brady Pitcher, Grace Bruins (2nd and 4th image) and Cassidy Marshall (1st and 3rd image)

By Isabella Telgenhof

Halloween is a time when anyone can be anything. We see all sorts of costumes in various states of creation, whether your costume is last minute, store-bought, or even an ensemble that screams class and high fashion, Halloween is all about being you. It is incredibly easy to create a quick and simple costume, especially as a pressed-for-time college student. All you need is a mini skirt, a crop top, and a headband to get the point across, right? Yet each year one of the Halloween highlights is seeing celebrities across the world post their over-the-top, spot-on, intricately detailed costumes. One may ask themselves, how can I make my Halloween high fashion just as celebrities do? What is it that makes a costume high fashion? The aura of the piece? The glitzy accessories? The details specifically placed? Perhaps the grandeur is so outrageous that it can only be described as high-class and fashionable. It is bits and pieces of all of those that combined into one costume give viewers that impression of high fashion.

Seeking to bring a high end taste to Halloween costumes, VERGE Magazine reimagined Wednesday Adams, Marilyn Manroe with President John F. Kennedy, and Corpse Bride as high fashion ensembles. Creating these looks may look difficult, however, with a quick trip to Goodwill, we were able to embody these personas with ease. The use of makeup helped to portray the high fashion look desired for our Corpse Bride costume. Cassidy Marshall, modeling for Corpse Bride, elevated this once simple look by contouring her body to create a ghostly appearance. When considering what to be for Halloween, it is essential to take makeup into consideration, as it can make or break a costume. With the correct use of makeup, we are able to bring a simple costume, into something much greater.

Elevating one’s Halloween costume is a good way to make the holiday feel more upscale, however, it is still perfectly acceptable to do the ‘typical’ college bar costume. It truly is in the details and materials used. Take a trip to your local craft store and purchase little beading or feather add-ons that will help take your costume to the next level. If you are not usually the crafty type, scour the internet and Pinterest to have some insight on how to make your costume high end. Stary by researching the character or person you plan to dress like. Alternatively, focus on a single accessory that is missing from the outfit to complete it. Find that headband, belt, or pair of shoes that will make your costume have that special feel and look to it. Don't forget the makeup, a final touch that will help make any costume more memorable. Although not necessary, it might change your costume’s aura in a positive or negative way. If done correctly, makeup, whether it be a solid smokey eye or special effects makeup, may also give an outfit a high fashion sense.

While all costumes are appreciated during Halloween, why not take the time to make yours that much more special? Create your own custom high-end fashion Halloween costume this year to add some flair to what may otherwise seem like a holiday that few people give a second thought. With the help of celebrity inspiration and your local craft store, you never know what you will be able to create.

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