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Florals For Spring? Groundbreaking.

Photographed by Joelle Beauchamp of Alayna Jones, Victoria Adamus, Marc Woodworth and Jack Turpen
Styled by Jack Turpen and Joelle Beauchamp

By Jack Turpen

As the warmer weather approaches and the flowers start to bloom, fashion lovers prepare for the most obnoxious season of the year. In the wise words of Miranda Priestly, “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking” (said in the most sarcastic tone possible). To preface, the following is not to serve as an opposition to the use of florals. I, like many, appreciate a select few florals, particularly when used in an innovative style. But, the same old pastel, easter sunday, tiny flowers atop a white background, has long lost its luster. Spring fashion has outgrown the tired and graduated to much more. There are so many more tasteful ways of evoking the feeling of spring through clothing that does not scream easter.

The first thing that has to go, as my feelings towards them seem quite clear, are boring florals. What is the point? The point, I guess, is to look tacky, which may appeal to some. Again, this is not to discourage anyone from wearing what they love. I can sit at my laptop and type as much as I want, it will not change the fact that I wear sweats everyday, but alas you read on. Florals are gorgeous, they are meant to evoke very bright feelings. Looking at flowers makes people happy. They are bright, delicate, and they are one of the few truly beautiful things on this planet that are not “man-made”. Considering there is such incredible diversity amongst the amount of types of flowers out there, you would think we would pick the coolest of flowers to place on fabrics. Loewe’s spring 2023 ready-to-wear collection was designed around a type of flower called an anthurium. This particular flower is very unique in shape, as it almost looks like an upside-down heart with a yellow stem jetting from the middle.

Why is it that we keep using the same old, dry, red roses atop that dusty white background? If Loewe can do it, I am sure the rest of the fashion world can follow suit. At least change up the background, that seems like the easiest fix. Bright flowers atop a black background look ten times cooler than the previous options. It just seems as though such boring florals are a settlement for the more simple folk amongst us. But why do we even need to use florals? If they really are so tired then why not just stop using them? Might as well, I sense there are more creative alternatives out there. Why are florals the only way we can scream “spring has sprung”.

It is decided, we are scrapping florals. We are enduring spring fashion without the use of any florals. Sounds fab in theory, but where do we start? If I have a freshly empty closet, with spring cleaning completed, ready to fill it once again, what do I look for? Jewel tones are the very first place you should start. Everyone knows that this particular pink has been all anyone and their mothers will wear. After it’s popularization by Valentino, this shade of magenta pink has been everywhere. It is, in my opinion, the best shade of pink to look for when dressing for spring.

When looking for jewel tones it can be tricky to stay in the spring mindset. Jewel tones like emerald or ruby should be avoided, as they can read as more fall-like. Another super easy way to make a spring wardrobe is by finding cropped, or cropping, different items. The first example that comes to mind is Miu Miu’s micro-minis. The thing I look forward to most about spring is wearing long-sleeved crop-tops. When the weather is just cool enough but just warm enough, a long-sleeved crop-top is the perfect thing to wear. Anything cropped is going to read as spring, as it exposes some skin in a really edgy feeling way.

When looking for neutral color palettes, it is wisest to go with the lighter shades. Lighter grays and beiges would best suit a spring outfit. That is not to disclude the use of darker colors. One of my favorite dark colors, that screams spring in my opinion, is navy blue. It is super chic and expensive looking, while reading very sailor-like. Navy is also a great color to pair with other colors, as it surprisingly goes with a variety of different colors and prints.

Though it may be difficult to hear, you are not exciting anybody by sticking to the same old boring choices. Again, I write this as I am wearing sweatpants and a gross hoodie. Spring is all about the feeling of lightness. It is such a breathy and misty time of year, you want your outfits to feel like it. This is a time in which we should feel fresh. The weather allows for so many different fashion opportunities. This is the time in which we dust off our finest of cropped-wear, brighten up our color palettes and experiment with new things. Spring truly allows for the most creative of expressions. It is a time in which one can whip out their boldest of outfits and take it on a test drive. With so many possibilities, I beg you not to wear the same florals you wore last year.

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