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Fashion Trends Throughout the Decades

1910s: Photographed by Devin Ricks of Sydney Theiler and Marisa Fischer, Styled by Jack Turpen; 1920s: Photographed by Joelle Beauchamp of Autumn Cockroft and Harshpreet Kaur, Styled by Joelle Beauchamp; 1930s: Photographed by Joelle Beauchamp of Brynn Beauchamp, Styled by Joelle Beauchamp; 1940s: Photographed by Joelle Beauchamp of Skylar Seccia and Aubrie Card, Styled by Joelle Beauchamp; 1950s: Photographed by Josie Ransley of Sofia Randazzo and Marina Froelich, Styled by Brynn Beauchamp; 1960s: Photographed by Quinn McCaffrey of Nyah Beavers, Styled by Jack Turpen; 1970s: Photographed by Quinn McCaffrey of Julia Burkholder, Mugdhamoyee Khandoker and Tatiana Mason, Styled by Brynn Beauchamp; 1980s: Photographed by Joelle Beauchamp of Charlize Wright, Styled by Jack Turpen; 1990s: Photographed by Devin Ricks of Ryan Backus and Jeanie Gould, Styled by Chevy Koski; 2000s: Photographed by Devin Ricks of Chevy Koski, Lauren Fulk and Robert Murray, Styled by Chevy Koski

By Macy Main

Since the popularity of Y2K fashion has grown over the past few years, it is clear that fashion trends will continue to come and go. But for each decade there are certain looks and silhouettes that stand out the most for their time. From fur coats to transparent purses, here’s all the fashion trends from the 1920’s to the 2000s:

With the 1910’s brought the popularity of tailored suits and jackets, often worn with skirts by women. The skirts often emulated a modern-day pencil-skirt, growing smaller towards the ankles. Wealthier women often added furs, hats, and scarves. Many women opted to wear white colors during this time, to stand in solidarity with the suffrage movement.

For the 1920s the flapper dress was arguably the biggest trend, with designers like Coco Chanel backing the style. Oversized fur coats were also a popular look, along with fringe scarves to wear over dresses for a more relaxed feel.

The 1930s was home to the bias-cut gown, which had a long and sleek silhouette that could be seen on the big screen with actresses like Joan Crawford and Jean Harlow killing the look. The blouse also made its debut, with patterned shirts being a popular style.

The 40s were a simpler time in fashion due to the war, so colors were darker than what you would’ve seen in the 30s, with A-line skirts and victory suits being very trendy during this time. The 1940s also brought a sense of comfortability into women’s fashion, with jeans and a simple white blouse being commonplace for a woman to wear during this time period.

The 1950s was a more exciting time for fashion, with more adventurous trends being explored compared to the 40s. Tea dresses were popular during this time with an hourglass silhouette, and capri pants also made their debut at this time. Actresses such as Audrey Hepburn made the twin set famous (matching sweater and cardigan) at this time, but it has shown up again in recent years.

The 1960s were very colorful, with bold prints and silver glitter boots gaining popularity at this time. Miniskirts were also very popular, and “hot pants” made a mark as well, with British designer Mary Quant being behind the trend.

The 1970s are home to the bell bottom pants, which are still being worn today. Platform shoes were also popular, and pant suits became a hit after Diane Keaton’s look in “Annie Hall.” Even trends such as vests, oversized accessories and jumpsuits all originate from the 70s, yet are still influencing fashion today.

Spandex and overdone accessorizing became common looks of the 1980s, but they definitely weren’t the only ones to gain traction. A more unisex look began to emerge due to hip hop influences like Salt-N-Peppa, and high-waisted jeans became a look that we will probably still be seeing for a while.

Sheer dresses became very popular in the 1990s due to Kate Moss’s fashion look in ’93, and trends such as chokers and hair accessories were on the rise. Black combat boots and corset tops also became a look of the 90s and have regained popularity recently.

The 2000s were met with looks such as tube tops and excessive amounts of denim. Rhinestones were also very popular and can be seen implemented into other fashion trends of the 2000s, like the Juicy Couture track suit. Bright and bold colors like hot pink were very popular, with the color making a comeback in 2023.

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