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Dressing Based on Your Venus Sign

Photographed by Arylon Wilks (Earth & Fire), Joelle Beauchamp (Air & Water) of
AIR: J'Layah Johnson, Ashley Chase, Amanda Whitaker
FIRE: Cami Watkins, Emily Gonzalez, AJ Malonson
EARTH: Amanda Whitaker, Hanh Le, Mariah Thompson
WATER: Arylon Wilks, Emma Rockwell, Jaden Merimee, Jazmin Anderson
Styled by Charlize Wright & Olivia Schotthoefer & Taylor Horazy
Directed by Jazmin Anderson
Hair and Makeup by Olivia Dibenedetto & Caylyn Kojamanian
Journalist Assist: Jessica Schocke
Photography Assist: Joelle Beauchamp

By Maddison Hill

Dressing for your Venus sign allows you to align your outward appearance with the qualities and aesthetics that resonate with you. Venus represents not just love and relationships, but also personal style and beauty. When you dress for your Venus sign, you align your cosmic energy. This helps you manifest a better future and empowers your individuality.

Capricorn Venus

Capricorn Venus signs shine in attire that echoes timeless elegance. Their style mantra? Classy, vintage, and effortlessly refined. Picture old-school silhouettes that exude effortless grace—a nod to the old money aesthetic. Tailored suits are a must for Leo in Venus individuals. For these Venusians, fashion embodies a poised and romantic charm, a tribute to style that stands the test of time.

Tarus Venus

Taurus Venus style is about embracing comfort and sophistication. It’s about effortless chic, much like Matilda Djerf’s style, where comfort meets refined taste. You want to wear beige and soft neutrals to help give you a cozy elegance. Oversized sweaters paired with tailored trousers, flowing maxi dresses with subtle prints and scarves are wardrobe essentials.

Virgo Venus

Virgo Venusians are one with the earth, and so is their style. Their style celebrates earthy tones and crafty details. These Venusians are all about embracing the whimsical. They should follow a fairy-like essence in their outfits. Floaty dresses, crocheted pieces, layers, cardigans and belts are a must. Don’t be afraid to pair different textures together. They help evoke a sense of elegance and charm.

Aries Venus

Much like Carrie Bradshaw’s fearless fashion experiments in “Sex and the City,” your Aries Venus beckons you to embrace a style that’s daring, confident, and unapologetically bold. Red isn’t just a color for you—it’s a statement, a symbol of your dynamism and passion. Whether it’s a striking red dress, a pair of killer heels, or a bold accessory, your style should speak volumes about your fierce and independent spirit.

Leo Venus

Leo Venus individuals are not ones to shy away from the spotlight, and their wardrobe choices reflect just that. Leo Venus’ are not afraid to make a statement. They thrive in vibrant hues—think orange, gold, and white. Embracing boldness, they flirt with animal prints, whether it’s a fierce leopard print or a daring zebra pattern. Leo Venus individuals should flaunt backless pieces and adorn themselves with big, loud accessories.


For those with Venus in Sagittarius, style is an adventure. Embrace the vibrancy with bold colors and playful patterns. Pick functional yet fashionable pieces that keep up with your on-the-go spirit. Think street style dialed up a notch—Haley Bieber’s fearless, edgy vibes are your inspiration. Experiment with cargos, from skirts to pants, and weave them into your wardrobe for that effortlessly cool look. The key? Make every outfit an expression of your bold, free-spirited energy.

Pisces Venus

The ethereal Pisces Venus style is just as romantic and dreamy as they are. This Venusian style embodies tender dreaminess. Pisces Venusians need a style that is feminine and soft, almost fairytale like. Soft pastels are your colors. Try whimsical accessories and lace for a romantic look.

Cancer Venus

When you have a Venus in Cancer, romance takes center stage. Just like you, your closet should scream hopeless romantic. For these Venusians, comfort and romance will guide your heart to the perfect style. Cancer Venusians look best in lighter colors, especially white. Consider the Cottage Core aesthetic. Flowing dresses can enhance your feminine and romantic side. Try vintage suits. They can add a touch of nostalgia and sophistication to your wardrobe.

Scorpio Venus

Scorpio Venus style? It’s all about a sexy statement. Your wardrobe needs black and red, leather and lace. You want to ooze femme fatale. Scorpio Venusians are all about mystery and the sexy allure, and their wardrobe is the best way to achieve it.

Aquarius Venus

Aquarius Venusians are all about breaking the rules. Their style must turn heads. The key? Embracing eccentricity. Breaking fashion norms and thinking outside the box is a must for this Venus sign. You’ll thrive in metallic hues and fearless layered patterns. Experiment as much as possible with your clothes. If you need inspiration to think outside of the box, turn to Clara Perlmutter, aka tinyjewishgirl.

Libra Venus

Libra Venus style is a delightful balance of flirty and chic. Just like Bella Hadid’s flirty street fashion, your Libra Venus dares you to welcome an endless, fun and flirty style. Experiment with mixing pieces of feminine charm with ones of masculine flair. Try blending playful florals, pastels and lots of pink into your outfits.

Gemini Venus

Gemini Venus style is like a vibrant canvas. Picture bold colors dancing together. Think lemon yellows mingling with sky blues, hot pinks swirling with mint greens, and pops of sunset orange. Accessories? Absolutely. Big statement earrings, oversized sunglasses, and chunky bracelets layered with charm. Mix patterns like it’s an art form—stripes, polka dots, and florals all in one outfit.

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