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Barbie Quiz: Which Barbie Are You?

By Cassidy Marshall

Fill in the blank with our quiz below to find out which Barbie YOU are!

Question 1

What do you like to do in your free time?

A) Head to the beach! Duh!

B) Crack the spine on one of the new books I just bought

C) Get ahead on next week’s homework

D) Host get togethers with my closest girlfriends

Question 2

What is your go-to karaoke song?

A) Dancing Queen - ABBA

B) Tiny Dancer - Elton John

C) Mr. Brightside - The Killers

D) Wannabe - Spice Girls

Question 3

Which of the ‘Big Four’ fashion weeks is your favorite?

A) Milan

B) Paris

C) London

D) New York City

Question 4

What is your favorite plant?

A) String of Pearls

B) Barrel Cactus

C) Pink Princess Philodendron

D) Whatever I can keep alive!

Question 5

Do you own any pets?

A) Yes, but only one or two

B) No, but I would like to

C) No, and I am not really interested in getting one

D) Tons and wanting more!

Question 6

What is your favorite color?

A) Purple or Blue

B) Red or Orange

C) Green or yellow

D) Pink of course!

Question 7

What is your favorite season?

A) Summer

B) Winter

C) Fall

D) Spring

Question 8

Which word best describes your style?

A) Eccentric

B) Retro

C) Modern

D) Trendy

Question 9

What is your go-to accessory?

A) A flashy necklace

B) A chunky belt

C) A chic clutch

D) High-heeled shoes

Question 10

Which was your favorite doll growing up?

A) Bratz

B) Polly Pocket

C) Monster High

D) Barbie


If you answered Mostly A:

Get to the ocean! QUICKLY! You are Mermaid Barbie, a dazzling girls-girl who loves bright colors, sunny days, and vibrant nights. You are stylish and cool, and everyone admires your positive, playful personality.

If you answered Mostly B:

Giddey-up! You are Cowgirl Barbie, an intelligent and gracious fashion icon. You are adventurous and creative, and you have an unshakeable sense of compassion for others that makes everyone feel comfortable around you. Oh, and you are probably FANTASTIC with horses.

If you answered Mostly C:

You have been served…wait, oops, actually, YOU served! You are Lawyer Barbie, a hardworking leader who never gives up and always knows the right answer. You are dependable and talented, and you are the go-to gal for advice and support when any of your friends is in need.

If you answered Mostly D:

You are the blueprint. Hello Stereotypical Barbie! Your confidence is infectious, and you are the life of every party. You have never met a frown that you couldn’t turn upside down, and although you are bursting with individuality, you find something in common with every person that you meet.

If you answered a mix of A and B:

We’d love to have you join our staff. You are Journalist Barbie! You are an independent thinker who loves the thrill of learning something new. You are never afraid to try new things, and in fact, you often help others step outside their comfort zone!

If you answered a mix of B and C:

It’s an honor to meet you, Madame President! You are President Barbie, a charismatic cool girl who is known for her patience, strength, and tenacity. You are quick-witted and love to problem-solve, and the more pressure you are under, the better you perform!

If you answered a mix of C and D:

We need 50 CCs of excitement - stat! You are Doctor Barbie, everyone’s shoulder to cry on and also probably their tutor, too. You are supportive and funny, and you boost everyone’s mood simply by entering a room.

If you answered a mix of A and C:

Dust off that trowel…you are Garden Barbie! You have an inventive, clever mind that hungers for creativity, and an unbeatable green thumb. You are passionate and driven, but sweet to the core and everyone’s favorite person to be around.

If you answered a mix of A, B, C, and D:

You are everyone’s favorite. You are Weird Barbie, a jack-of-all-trades who encourages the people around you to be the best that they can be. You are open-minded and forgiving, and your eccentric personality is captivating to be around. Your humility and the way that you unapologetically embrace who you are only adds to your charm!

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