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The People's Princess: Julia Fox

The People's Princess: Julia Fox

Photographed by Devin Ricks of Victoria Damus

By Jack Turpen

People will forever live for a comeback story, nothing is better than seeing an ‘underdog’ rebound into success. Julia Fox stands before us now as the epitome of fashion, a quotable icon, and an all-around, fully fledged, diva of pop culture. Comedy stretches further than some within it may tend to believe. There is an incredibly large audience within the culture of being funny, but without trying to be. It’s become half the reason something would become “viral”. Nothing makes a doll chuckle louder than someone delivering comedic genius within a format they aren’t even aware of. Fox has contributed largely to this newfound field of comedy. But, how exactly did she come to be the legend she is now?
Julia Fox made her claim to fame when she starred opposite Adam Sandler in Uncut Gems. She first started gaining recognition within the media for that specific project but had a long history with fashion, modeling, and art before then. Fox originally began as a fashion designer, launching a line with her partner, Briana Andalore, called Fransizca Fox. She modeled for different publications throughout the years prior to her rise in popularity, one of which being Playboy. Fox produced a number of art productions throughout those years including two photography books as well as an art exhibition titled “R.I.P. Julia Fox”. She truly got people talking as reports about her relationship with Kanye West circulated.

Though short-lived, at the time, it was Kanye’s first relationship since his divorce from Kim Kardashian. Fox was titled “Kanye’s new muse” as he would consistently style her when they had public appearances during fashion week. Julia Fox’s style prior to being with Kanye was slightly different from the way in which he would dress her. Fox was always a fan of something low cut that showed off her body. She is often seen wearing a set consisting of a matching top and bottom, this style quickly caught the eye of the general public. However, being that she was already involved in fashion, this came as no surprise to her followers.

After her table-turning relationship with Kanye, she found ways to maintain her celebrity status. As many thought she was only dating Kanye for free designer goods and "clout," it was all too simple to accuse Fox of being a fame chaser. Fox was able to disprove that theory in an effortless way, as she continued her style journey to much acclaim while becoming a social media phenomenon. During the relationship, Fox gained media attention after her appearance on the podcast “Call Her Daddy”. After being asked about her muse relationship with Kanye, Fox stated she “was Josh Safdie’s muse when he wrote Uncut Gems.” Social media was lit a blaze, as the way in which she said “Uncut Gems” was ferociously made fun of on Tik Tok, as the sound bite was being used consistently throughout the app. In a fun-loving spirit, Fox thought nothing of the attention and found it to be flattering. She was not afraid of being made fun of or making fun of herself for that matter.

Similarly, post Kanye, Fox made an appearance at the Vanity Fair Oscar party for which she coined the phrase “I actually did it myself, yeeeaah” after being asked about her daring makeup choice. Tik Tok quickly got a hold of this as well, making it a viral sensation and warranting many parodies. Simultaneously, Fox’s outfit for the event garnered attention from fashion lovers everywhere. Wearing Han Kjøbenhavn, Fox paired her bold dress with black leather gloves and purse with, what is believed to be, human hair on it. Though many found the outfit to be extremely confusing, others found it to be incredibly daring and a successful fashion risk that fit in quite well with her new-found darker style. Julia Fox would go on to continue in her styling, creating viral outfit after viral outfit that left for recreations everywhere.

As one of the most widely used social media sites today, Julia Fox created an account on Tik Tok where she began regularly posting videos of her DIY clothes and her thoughts on current events. One of her DIY videos that quickly caught on was an outfit she made from a pair of jeans. Fox cut the top part of a longer pair of jeans, and wore the top half of the jeans as a top, leaving the bottoms to be a low-waisted, yet baggy, silhouette. She styled the outfit with designer denim boots and a matching bag, made to look like a pair of jeans. People were instantly drawn to her relatability and her easy-going nature. The way she presents her opinions attracted a larger audience, as people quickly started referring to her as “the people’s princess”. She connected with people not only as a style genius and as an effortlessly hilarious figure head, but as a single mother as well. The way she chooses to parent has caught the attention of many, as her inclusion of a diverse friend group within her son’s raising has provided a beautiful example of raising a well-rounded child.

Julia Fox has truly proven her worth as an all-around icon. She remains viral based on her wit and her casual-feeling comedy. Every day she provides her audience with something new and exciting, as her self-described “end of the world” style inspires many. She is the embodiment of what the younger audiences are starting to look for, as they continue to find her laid-back and almost unintentional humor very appealing. Julia Fox remains an inspiration, a visionary, and an icon.

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