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Best Haunted Houses in Michigan

Best Haunted Houses in Michigan

By Anna Konen

With spooky season upon us, there are many ways to celebrate the terrifying Holiday, and a favorite of many is traveling across the state to different haunted attractions. This year, we are giving you the scoop on the Haunted Houses, that will give you the scare you are looking for. Filled with fright, props, and costumed actors to terrify you to your bones, you will not want to miss these ten gruesome attractions.

Terror on 27, Ashley Michigan – Located in Ashley Michigan about 20 minutes from our campus, Terror on 27 is filled with two haunted houses and a corn maze guaranteed to scare you to your bones.

Shaw Haven Haunted Farm, Mason Michigan – The Shaw Haven Haunted Farm is one of the BEST in Michigan, known for its unique haunted houses each and every year. From escape rooms to haunted mazes, and of course a gargantuan haunted house, there is sure to be an attraction perfect for you.

Rotten Manor, Holly Michigan -- Rotten Manor is the best of the best, featuring all the frights you could ask for. Head down to Holly Michigan for the fright of a lifetime including an asylum, haunted house, and forest.

Erebus Haunted Attraction, Pontiac Michigan – Can you survive a stroll through one of the largest haunted houses in the World? Erebus is the perfect way to find out, this attraction is a 4-story house full of spooky characters and dark corners, you will never know what is coming next. The best part? Some say it really is haunted....

Azra Haunted House Chamber of Horrors, Madison Heights Michigan – Azra Chamber of Horrors is unlike any other in Michigan, each chamber you go through is more terrifying than the previous. Voted the top 20 haunted attractions in the U.S, you will not want to miss this!

Hush Haunted Attraction, Westland Michigan – As seen on NBC, the nationally known haunted Hush is sure to have you wanting more. You will be seeing the flashing lights and creepy characters for weeks after.

Jackson’s Underworld, Jackson Michigan – Nothing screams Halloween more than a 4-story haunted house filled with frightening attractions on every level and at every turn. This attraction even has a 3D element, unlike any other in Michigan.

Abandoned Acres Farm Haunted Attraction, Sparta Michigan – Located only 10 minutes away from Grand Rapids, Abandoned Acres has 5 different spooky marvels you do not want to miss. From haunted hayrides to terrifying corn mazes, you will be wanting to visit each attraction over and over again.

Terror Field Forest, Pinckney Michigan – If the woods were not scary enough, then this haunted attraction is perfect for you. A haunted forest just under a mile long is certain to make you jump higher and run faster than you have before.

Dreadlands Haunt of Davison, Davison Michigan – A haunted house with a zipline? Say less, this is the one-of-a-kind haunted house you have been looking for. Full of spooky laboratories and even Zombie paintball, check this one out.

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