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Issue 2: Dez

1. How did you get into creating art?

Early on I got into creating art. When I was in the fifth grade was when I really got into drawing.

2. Where do you go/what do you do to find peace of mind?

I go to many places, but in a more abstract sense as I go to places internally get peace.

3. What advice would you give people who are newly becoming artists?

Don’t reject anything; there is something to be learned from everything.

4. Do you feel that art has an impact on society?

Absolutely. In the most profound ways, art is shifting the paradigm.

5. Does your background influence how you create art?

Yes, as I see myself as a product of my environment and not only that, but my background is important to me.

6. How has your art style changed since you started creating?

I've been on different trajectories whenever I create, so my art is constantly changing.

7. Is there an environment in which you feel the most comfortable when creating?

In any environment I can create, but if I had to choose, I would choose to be in my studio since that is where I'm comfortable.

8. How do you define success?

By achieving anything you set yourself towards in receiving joy.

9. What have “critics” said about your work? * (And how do you handle criticism?)

Generally, it's been positive feedback, but there have been negative times as well and more recently I am getting better at handling criticism as I stand firm in the art I create.

10. Do you have an artist mentor? Or were you self-taught? *

I was self-taught but drew inspiration from many people along the way.

Art is a perception of a world within the world; a connection between thought and reality where one can free their mind. Surrounding factors play a role in how an artist portrays themselves, as art at its core is an expression of an individual’s thoughts and feelings. Between the lines, there is a story written. Although it may not be seen or heard, the story is present. The source of the story lies within the individual, and that story has the ability to be shaped into whatever form necessary to create perception. There are no certain or true avenues that an artist should take for them to express their thought process because every piece of work is unique in its own way. Many artists come from diverse backgrounds and upbringings, which have shaped and molded them into who they are as a person, a living entity. Those qualities and traits may translate into the work that is created by them or are what they choose to no longer hold onto.

There are two halves to every whole, meaning two coinciding energies are brought together in order to find balance. Within every dark place, there will always be a small essence of light, it just needs to be seen. Seeing and acknowledging the bad will guide someone to that of which is good. The impact of something can influence how one will perceive the thoughts within their mind and how to express those thoughts. Peace of mind will come when one is fully comfortable with themselves and their surroundings and takes the opportunity to use their surroundings to create the reality in which they wish to exist; a reality created through artistic expression.


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