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The September Issue

The September Issue

By Sophie Dehn

September. The mark of the fall season beginning. A transition period for weather, fashion, and aesthetics. The world is full of happenings in the fall months, with back to school and the looming holiday season in the distance, September's stark beginning denotes it as one of the most if not the most important release of the year. As stated in an article written by Janice Betti of the Odyssey, “September is a period of reinvention and a fresh start”, sandwiched between the easy going summer and the hectic winter. September is the middleman who holds the power of direction. The publication in full describes what will be trending and popular in the next year to come. What is ‘in’ will be shown in the issue's extensive pages.

Since the 2009 release of the documentary The September Issue, more attention has been paid to magazine releases throughout the month, particularly Vogue, the publication that serves as inspiration for the film. The importance of the issue truly comes from Vogue and Anna Wintour who in September of 2007 published an issue that set a record by being over 800 pages long. The film, created by “the documentarian R.J. Cutler followed Wintour for months during the preparation for September 2007” Preparation for the September issue takes multiple months; just choosing the face for the front cover is a process that will usually take around 9 months. The cover of a magazine can easily be noted as the most fundamental part of each issue, landing the cover page on a Vogue publication can be a monumental moment in a person's career. Yet, it doesn’t end at the selection of the person on the cover, there needs to be a concept for what the photograph will turn out like and what will be worn in the photo shoot.

The sheer amount of time and thought put into the issue is not to be laughed at because of how important the release is. The pages are full of advertisements, articles, and photos representing the future of the industry for the upcoming year. These publications aren’t just trying to predict and display what we will be wearing for the next year, the September Issue focuses on all kinds of topics. As the years go on and issues continue to be produced, the September issue evolves and reinvents itself as a way to stay on top of what is going on in the fashion world and beyond. itself to stay on top and important in our fast-paced and ever-shifting world. As humans we crave knowledge, what is what in the fashion world, and stay up to date on trends, culture, and societal issues. . That, at its core, is what the September Issue is for us. A what is new, who is who, and what is happening with fashion, lifestyle, our favorite celebrities, and the endless possibilities that the quickly approaching new year will bring.

This is the very first publication of VERGE magazine and that makes this the first September issue as well! Though this magazine will not be nearly 800 pages like Vogue, we are making a little bit of history on VERGE’s timeline. Where September issues are already very important for magazines, this one is especially important for VERGE and its team marking the beginning of this exciting journey together.

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