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Select Love

By Natasha Waldfogel

The truest form of love is seeing flaws.

Loving through unconditionally raw

negativity. Forced to redraw.

Variety of ups and downs, shredded like maw,

but mostly downs from which you must claw, 

your way back to forgive the wrongs of withdrawal.

A simple touch from him, you never foresaw,

connects you both as if it had become law.

Tunnel vision as if through a thin straw,

you begin to panic, forcing you to gnaw. 

You’ll never get used to the “best” in-laws. 

You will visualize the need to redraw.

You force the clench, in each of your jaws,

Raising your voice, sharp and piercing as you caw.

Even then, you will love, through the flaws,

because you see me, leaving me in awe.

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