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Arrion Drumgoole



Arrion Drumgoole is a black Detroit-based artist that designs formal event attire. She primarily designs custom dresses and takes orders through her shop on Etsy. Consultations and fittings are done to ensure the perfect fit as a major focus is making an item the customer will feel special in. Each piece is embroidered and beaded with intricate crystals creating a very glamorous aesthetic. Drumgoole is often incredibly booked due to the popularity of the pieces and the extensive time needed to create them.  


What do you design/create? 

I create custom ending, birthday, and prom dresses/outfits.


When did you start designing, or what got you into it? 

I started designing when I was a child. I just started making doll clothing when I was a child in middle school. I used to be really into fashion and clothing when I was a child. 


What has been your favorite project to work on? 

My favorite projects to work on are during prom season. I create a variety of designs during that time period; that’s when I can be really creative. 


What is your favorite part of your business or designs? 

My favorite part of my business is creating designs that make my clients happy and feel special. 


What does black history month mean to you? 

Black history month is a chance for us to highlight and give credit where it is due to all of the black innovators and creators who are changing the world 


Has being black affected designing/ running a business in any way? 

Being black while running a business has its positives and negatives. People sometimes don’t want to trust black businesses because of the stereotype that they May be unprofessional or they want to support them simply because you are a black business.  


Do you feel misrepresented within the fashion/design industry because of your race/identity? 

I do not feel misrepresented in the fashion industry. I feel like there are so many styles and cultural influences that black designers have contributed to and created.  


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