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Winter Trend Report

By Brady Pitcher and Sophia Randazzo

As the year is coming to an end and the cold weather is upon us, it is only natural to transition from our beloved skirts and shorts to thick pants and jackets . This winter, we have seen an extraordinary change in fashion style–and we are here for it. Though some people are excited to see snowfall and Christmas lights, others would much rather stay in their homes with pajamas and coco. But one thing everyone can enjoy during these frigid times is the fashion that comes along with it. Today we will be talking about the biggest winter trends. These trends are applicable to everyone and are trendy to anyone looking to boost their fashion game this winter.

Leather is the new denim. Trousers, jackets, skirts, and tops, being decked out in grungy leather will not only keep you warm but look edgy as well. Black seems like the most popular color choice when it comes to leatherwear. When wearing a colorful piece, a black leather jacket can be added to the outfit giving it more of a complete balanced look. Leather may not be the best option for keeping you warm in the winter months but if we add some layers to our outfit then you should be fine. If you are wearing a leather jacket, try a sweater or your favorite hoodie underneath. Not only will this keep you warm but it also gives your outfit a relaxed vibe as well.

Continuing on our layering discussion, layering has always been well-liked, but this winter’s mindset is ‘the more the merrier.’ This year, knitted vests are one of the most popular pieces to wear when it comes to layering. We adore its adaptability because it can be easily dressed up or down, and adds a casual elegance to any ensemble it is worn with. Not only are they perfect for layering in the winter time, knitted vests are perfect year round making it a great investment piece. Sweater vests come in all different shapes, colors, and fabrics like thick curly cable knits to colorful patterned mohair so choose whichever one would fit into your wardrobe the best.

Trending jackets include varsity jackets, shearling jackets, and double breasted. Varsity jackets are not only for high school athletes anymore. Varsity jackets have been a big trend for this fall/winter season adding a playful vibe to your outfit. Brands such as Louis Vuitton and Kenzo used varsity jackets in their Fall/Winter 2022 collections further adding to the trend we have been seeing. Shearling jackets or fur trimmed jackets in general have also been a new trend this season. What could be more cozy then a fur lined jacket during the colder moths of the year? Not only do the look very stylish, shearling jackets also are a great addition to your winter wardrobe for the use you can get out of them. Fur trimmed is something we have also been seeing a lot of this season mostly on jackets on in pants, shoes, and hats as well. The double breasted suit jacket has slowly become the popular style of suit jackets for both men and women. Whether it's for a fancy dinner party or for more casual wear, the double breasted jacket has become the popular jacket to wear. What makes it different from its companions is its structure and its more fancier feel. The double breasted jacket can also be worn in jacket form as well with longer overcoats being double breasted.

For pants this upcoming season, we are mostly going to see the same trends from fall. Oversized/ wider fit pants are the popular silhouette for both men and women and can be worn in many different style and fabrics. From wide fit jeans, cargo pants, or parachute pants, oversized pants are here to stay. Another trend that is becoming increasingly popular is skirts over pants. In the winter time an outfit might feel a bit unbalanced. We typically wear lots of layers on our upper bodies but no so much on the bottom causing the outfit to feel incoherent. Adding a skirt to and outfit is the perfect way to not only add a layer for your legs but also add some interest to your outfit. This was a very popular trend on the runway for fall/winter collections. This trend while being popular for women has popularized for men as well. Designers like Thom Browne have polarized men wearing skirts on the runway which has translated onto social media and on the streets. It's great to see some experimentation with winter fashions like this as it's the perfect time to explore different styles and layering techniques.

Head coverings can be worn year-round, but during the cold weather, we want to find something that will not only be fashionable, but keep us warm as well. This year, balaclavas have been our saving grace. There are multiple styles that come with the balaclava; streetwear, edgy, cottage core…whatever your aesthetic is, there is a balaclava for it. Although highly embellished bonnets are currently having a moment, the trend is more toward minimalist balaclavas, which were created with warmth in mind.

As for footwear, nothing is more exciting than wearing knee-high boots with a maxi dress and faux leather jacket. Knee high boots are a go-to for the colder season because of their practicality and elegance. Many celebrities have been spotted hopping on the trend; and they have proved how versatile these boots really are. Zendaya was seen wearing a black midi dress with chunky platform boots and Kendall Jenner was seen wearing a skintight jumpsuit with pointed-toe knee high boots. When preparing for the cold weather, knee-high boots can provide as much warmth as your classic snow boot with its skin-tight fit and occasional fur-lining. Adding onto the fur lining trend, UGGs have come back into style. The UGG Tasman style has been a real stand out in footwear for it comfortability and its warmth. These have been spotted all very campus and on social media as well. If you want the easy slip-on nature of UGGs but not the extra fur lining, we also recommended the tried and true Boston Birkenstocks. This easy to wear shoe is also an all-time favorite and its visitant means it can be worn year round.

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