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By Joelle Beauchamp and Sophie Dehn 

Creators of the Month 

This issue was very special to our editors, as we knew we would be collaborating with CMUs Black creators for a big portion of the magazine. After shooting our cover, we were beyond ourselves as each photo taken were better than the last. Through our interviews with these creators, we were able to expand our perspectives and knowledge while discovering the potential careers in our field beyond our time at CMU. Thank you to all of our creators this month for all they have done for both our program and our industry.  

Antisemitism in Fashion  

After learning about Kanye West's outrageous statements, VERGE Magazine knew we needed to build a segment on the prevalence of antisemitism in the fashion industry. Our journalism editor, Anna Konen, offered valuable insights on the topic through her Jewish upbringings. Working with our Editor in Chief, directing Konen in her photoshoot was a breath of fresh air, showcasing the power in Jewish women.  

How to be Alone on Valentine's Day 

As February rolls around people love to focus on relationships and the love between couples. So much that often times self-love gets overlooked. Single people dread Valentine's Day and we wanted to give them some insight on the holiday. Our shoot conveyed a single woman, alone in her house, trying to cope with the loneliness surrounding the day. With rose pedals, balloons, and chocolate, the perfect mood was set for the unhappiest day of the year. 

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